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Title: The Seal
Author: Alpha Huntress
Characters: Vytis, Astridr, Freya, Odin
Pairings: OC Brahms x  OC Silmeria
Rating: M
Warning: Explicit Sexual Content (in Ch 6 & 8) Minor Language (in Ch 13)
Summary: A necessary evil for the gods, unforgivable in the eyes of the mortal who loved her, to seal away her existence as the mortal – Astridr.

Just asking for some R&R - to read it and comment on what you think of it. 
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Title: Valkyrie's Wings
Author: Not Jack Frost
Rating: T/13+.
Warnings: None.

Summary: A story that has been bugging me for some time now. Set in our world with a twist. Doesn't feature any characters from the series (for now). Enjoy reading and drop me a line when you do.


creative creative
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Title: Autumn
Author: Luna (barrelgoddess)
Characters: Mystina
Pairings (if any): None.
Rating: PG.
Warnings: None. This isn't spoilery, and only mild language(worst it gets is "damn") No explicit sex, either - this is very worksafe.
Summary: After Lezard is expelled from the Flenceburg Sorcery Academy, Mystina reflects on what this means for her.

cheerful cheerful
The sounds of:
Ali Project - King Knight
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Cross-posted to valkyrieprofile.

This is another fic based on a Mylene Farmer song. The name of the song is "Rêver" and it means "To Dream." You can hear it here and read an English translation here. There's more information about the song on Wikipedia.

The DreamCollapse )
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Okay. All the LezaLennes will probably kill me for the heavy Lenneth/Lucian implications. But! Ho~well... There is no plot here, really. XD I was just rambling about Lenneth's possible other lives besides Platina.

Untitled fic is hard to title.Collapse )

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The Color of Life
Amber Michelle
Theme: #1 - Shivering Soul in the Darkness
Characters: Shiho, Nanami, redshirt
Warnings: some grim implications and mention of injury.
Words: 1108
Summary: Shiho seeks purification after losing a battle at Dragoncastle.

[ The Color of Life ]
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A Measure of Compassion
Author: Amber Michelle
Theme: #5 - For you, Lady Valkyrie...
Characters: Mystina, Lezard, Lenneth, Arngrim
Warnings: A Ending spoilers (VPL)
Words: 2723
Summary: Mystina never contemplated how far her loyalty reached. Sometimes she surprises even herself.

Notes: technically, I know Brahms's palace only appears for five minutes in the game. I decided to interpret that a little differently for story purposes.

[ Compassion is an insidious creature. ]

(Fake cut to my fic journal.)
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These are challenges for the Lezard and Lenneth community, compiled and reposted for Flenceburgian entertainment. Mine are all set in a completely impossible crack universe where everyone hangs out in Valhalla and Lezard is constantly trying to impress Lenneth. Other pairings include AliciaxRufus. I never completed the challenge, but I wrote some fin mini-fics! Here they are!

LxL Holiday ChallengeCollapse )

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Title: Hrist, Chapter 2 (Part 2)
SynopsisContinued from Chapter 2 (Part 1) due to LJ character limit. Hopefully this is the last chapter I have to slice. >_>;;

Chapter 2: Part 2Collapse )

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Title: Hrist Ch.2: The Fields of Asgard (Part 1, due to LJ character limit)

Synopsis: Freya's involvement in Leone's death, Rufus's preparation for Ragnorok, and Leone's rebirth as Hrist Valkyrie.

Hrist: Chapter 2: The Fields of AsgardCollapse )

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